Cinderella and Jasmine make an appearance in Boynton Beach

Cinderella and Jasmine made an appearance in Boynton Beach this weekend. The pair arrived to the birthday party on September 3rd, 2018. They were invited by the parents of the birthday girl as a birthday gift which was a surprise. The birthday girl was in shock when she first saw her two favorite princesses. She had no idea that they were invited!

She gave each of them a big hug and immediately began to show them around the house! She showed the princesses her cake and gifts! She was in wonderland!!

The Characters sang, face painted and played games for about 45 minutes. They used the last 15 minutes for cake time, while Cinderella read a story.

The children were so excited and loved spending time with these two princesses!

Thank you for inviting us to you birthday party!

Cinderella Party